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CB1 is a small node, that hasn't minted any blocks yet. Nevertheless, our goal is long lasting reliability. That's why we continue in our effort.

If you want to delegate a small amount of ADA to the CB1 pool you are most welcomed! However it's fair to mention that you can receive larger one-time rewards, but not in every epoch. If you want regular immediate rewards, we recommend you to choose some other pool with a bigger live stake. You can choose some pool from Mission Driven Pools [MDP] - you can earn ADA as well as support some meaningful charity project.

If you are a big whale, you are also most welcomed! We are a safe pool based on powerful bare metal servers with 100 % uptime. We are working on NFT rewards for you.

We are:

  • Single Pool
  • With 50 % of future pool income going to charitable donations
  • Without any income already supporting MDF and Prague NGO Automat
  • With at-least 30 % of future pool income re-invested back to pledge

Node information on - by ABC Cardano Stake Pool

Node information on - we have 100% uptime

Node information on

Node information on


  • Ticker:CB1
  • Pool ID Daedalus:pool1wntxmftndrsj7y4aqles8knl3nfuyj22l83jun02yyx9s962gm3
  • Pool ID Yoroi:74d66da57368e12f12bd07f303da7f8cd3c2494af9e32e4dea210c58
  • Pool margin:0 %
  • Pledge:We recently increased our pledge to 60.000 ADA.

Staking and delegating for beginners — A step-by-step guide - Cardano Forum tutorial

Delegating in Daedalus: an introduction - IOHK Youtube tutorial

How To Easily Stake Cardano ADA | Yoroi Wallet Tutorial - Serg Tech Youtube tutorial


  • BP node (Prague, Czech Rep., EU):6 core CPU, 24 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, 100 Mbit Ethernet, Ubuntu based OS, UPS Backup
  • Relay node 1 (Chicago, IL, USA):8 core CPU, 16 GB RAM, 4.3 TB HDD, 150 Mbit Ethernet, Ubuntu based OS, UPS Backup, Generator Backup
  • Relay node 2 (Moravia, Czech Rep., EU):6 core CPU, 32 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD, 100 Mbit Ethernet, Ubuntu based OS, UPS Backup

We have 100 % uptime

Charitable donations

Martin already supports Médecins Sans Frontières and Prague NGO AutoMat on a regular monthly basis. You can find payment information below.

Every 3 months 50 % of pool income will be given to charitable donations. CB1 pool doesn't have any income yet.

We have informed both organizations about our plan (in the case of MSF we have contacted a local Czech organization).

At-least 30 % of pool income will be re-invested back to pledge.

30 % to MSF

Médecins Sans Frontières is an international humanitarian medical NGO of French origin best known for its projects in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases.

10 % to AutoMat

AutoMat is a Czech NGO that promotes a better environment for a good-quality of life in Prague.

10 % to ?

We are now looking for some other meaningful environmental or healthcare project to support.

30 % back to pledge

Charity payment confirmations

All payments are in Czech Koruna (CZK). Actual exhange rate.

Cardano forest funded!

We have donated 100 ADA = 100 trees planted! More on



March 2021

  • CB1 cardano pool founded

May 2021

June 2021

July 2021

August 2021

  • UPS backup for Relay node 2
  • First NFTs

September 2021

  • Increased RAM on BP node from 16 GB to 24 GB
  • Increased RAM on Relay node 2 from 16 GB to 32 GB
  • All nodes updated to v1.29.0 and working perfectly!
  • We are prepared for Alonzo fork!
  • BP_Node_1.29.0

  • What an exciting day! At the very beginning of September 15th CB1 node participated in a Lobster Challenge, one of the first proofs that smart contracts on Cardano are running! We added 1 to the counter as an honor to our only delegator.
  • BP_Node_1.29.0

  • We increased our pledge to 50.000 ADA.
  • Cardano Forest funded! We have donated 100 ADA = 100 trees planted! More on
  • Veritree

  • All servers have been updated to cardano-node 1.30.1.
  • BP_Node_1.29.0


  • All


We are two brothers that grew up in former Czechoslovakia (today Czech rep.). Since our first Atari computer in the 80's, over the wild and free 90's, then over our pirate FM radio broadcasting in 2007, we are still enthusiastic in discovering new technologies.

We have been in touch with cryptocurrencies since 2013 and although living on different continents at the moment (Prague, Czech Rep.- Chicago, IL), we are cooperating together in building this pool. Why? Because it's our hobby, it's fun and it's an investment opportunity.

Be cool, bee free, be good!


My family and my work as a healthcare professional - these are the most fulfilling things in my life.

However my life wouldn't be complete without my hobbies - literature, music, yoga, bicycling, analogue photography...and many others. Since the 80's, when I shared an Atari 800 XE with my brother, I've been interested in computers. During my life in student's dormitory in the 00's I discovered the world of open source software and Linux and a few years later this experience led me to discovery of cryptocurrencies.

I see Cardano as the 3rd generation and ecologically sustainable cryptocurrency with a huge potential. I made some investments in ADA and right now I'm building a Cardano node.

Martin's skills: Working with linux since 2003. PhD in neuroscience. Enthusiasm.


Cobra is an ex Legionnaire. A military contractor. Sharing and believing in a good for better tomorrow.

Cobra's skills: Hardware maintenance. Soldering. Stamina.


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